Awoo Installer v1.3.0 Released

Awoo Installer v1.3.0 Released

Huntereb offers a new version of Awoo Installer, its tool allows you to install NSPs and NSZs with a division option on the SD card. It also supports installation over a local network using tools such as ns-usbloader and URLs. Awoo Installer is an installer of NSP / NSZ (split or not) based on the old version of Tinfoil (that of Adube), it allows nothing other than the installation of NSP / NSZ which also limits its use . Now it offers installation via USB.

Changelog 1.3.0

- Remote installations via USB
- Files can now be installed via USB from other devices!
- Just select the option "Install on USB" in the main menu!
- NS-USBloader in Tinfoil mode is recommended for ALL remote installations with Awoo Installer
- Support will NOT be given for other downloaders at this time, but that doesn't mean they won't work
- A configuration guide for USB installations can be found here
- Updates from the Awoo installer are now automatically checked at startup
- Updates can be installed in the app or ignored for later
- This function can be disabled in the Settings menu
- Updates can also be checked manually in the Settings menu
- Languages ​​can now be changed in the Settings menu
- Languages ​​will be automatically selected according to the system language
- Russian language support (Thanks @developersu!)
- German language support (Thanks @HookedBehemoth!)
- Support for NSP / NSZ files containing several contents
- Previously installed content is now removed before reinstallation
- Configuration files are now stored in JSON
- The previously selected settings will not be carried over to version 1.3.0+
- Overwriting the exit button on startup no longer causes the software to crash
- Now a feature exclusive to Goldleaf
- Lots of small changes and bug fixes

Download: Awoo Installer v1.3.0

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