Bluray player hack fixed with firmware 7.02

Bluray player hack fixed with firmware 7.02

As we announced, Oct0xor, security researcher at Kaspersky and homebrew developer PS3 / PS4, at 36C3 presented his hack of the blue ray player.

Blu-Ray players on PlayStation 3 and 4 were left to their own devices and interest in hacking their firmware was low, but that didn't stop him from doing his own research.

Hacking the Blu-Ray player on PlayStation 3 and 4 may soon be possible, but forget the backups for now.

Indeed, according to a recent tweet, he has done a lot of work on pirating Blu-Ray players on PlayStation 3 and 4, which includes:

    - Firmware dump (blu-ray)
    - Find out how it works thanks to reverse engineering
    - Get code execution

It is important to note that even if it may have completely compromised the firmware of the Blu-Ray player, this does not lead to completely compromised security. In other words, this means that the execution of backups (hacking) cannot be carried out with the work of Oct0xor in its current form.

We also learn that this flaw was corrected by Sony with the firmware 7.02, which means that if the work of Oct0xor, results in any hack of the PS4, all the consoles below 7.02 can be compatible with a "future "ODE or hack of Blu-ray player.

Case to follow ...

All the info available on his github:

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