Classic 2 Magic works on SXOS

Classic 2 Magic works on SXOS

The magic worlds of C2M and SX OS have been combined, which means that it is now possible to use C2M in SX OS.

You can now play your SNES cartridges on your Switch, a few months ago released Classic 2 Magic Reader Package which allowed you to use your SNES cartridges on any system that supports USB.

Today, a user unveiled a port of this excellent application of this pack with an installer for the Nintendo Switch console.

You can now play your original SNES cartridges directly on your Nintendo console with Classic 2 Magic!

The only requirement is that your Nintendo console is equipped with the Team Xecuter SX OS operating system (for USB support). Just unzip the installer at the root of your SD card, insert your game cartridge into the Classic 2 Magic port and you're good to go. Your game will launch in seconds.

Everything is there:


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  1. Great news that we can use C2M in SX OS now: