Homebrew App Store v2.2 Released

Homebrew App Store v2.2 Released

On Christmas, the developer vgmoose invites us to discover a new version of his Homebrew App Store application which now goes to v2.2.

As a reminder, Homebrew App Store is a program that allows you to download homebrew directly from your Nintendo Switch, but it also works correctly with Wii U.

In this version there are no more loading screens, since images and metadata are now downloaded on the fly only when they are necessary. When extracting ZIP files, a progress bar is also displayed and if "L" / "R" is pressed several times at startup, a recovery mode is called. In addition, many bugs have been fixed.

Wii-U users can see two entries in the homebrew loader.

Changelog 2.2:

* No more loading screen! The images and metadata are now downloaded on the fly, and you are immediately dropped into the list of applications (by rw-r-r_0644!)
* Abstract user interface components in the Chesto standalone library
* * Chesto is an declarative library based on elements to create light user interfaces in SDL2. With the App Store console client, it also powers vgedit.
* * Chesto uses resins rather than switch / wiiu roms to store and load compressed memory resources (by rw-r-r_0644)
* * You want to try? Take a look at the example of CompuCat, ChestoTesto!
* Displays progress when extracting zip files
* Detailed credits page to highlight the importance of people's contributions in the scene
* Recovery mode added, accessible by pressing L / R several times immediately after launch
* Bug fixes and omissions
* * Resolves issues when the package structure changes completely (libget # 8)
* * The sort button no longer hangs occasionally
* * Files are downloaded to disk to avoid being stored in memory (Thank you TotalJustice!)
* * Close screen button added (Thank you jacquesCedric!)
* Platform specific
* * Switch: Use https for the default Repo Switch (sorry for dragging my feet on it!)
* * Switch: themes are now excluded from the "All applications" category
* * Switch: if launched in applet mode, uses Wii U style banners
* * Wii U: correction of crackles / bursts during music playback (by Quarktheawesome)
* * Wii U: correction of a bug which duplicates the entries of the Appstore in HBL during the upgrade ... (see Notice *)
* * * TL; DR: after the update on Wii U, there will be two appstore applications in HBL. Launching either will work and clean up the extra one
* Move the main development from GitHub to GitLab
* * We will continue to download versions on GitHub for the moment, but this repository will ultimately be discouraged and will direct users to GitLab.

Download: Homebrew App Store v2.2

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