Improved Dual Shock 4 with two programmable buttons

Improved Dual Shock 4 with two programmable buttons

Sony has just unveiled an official accessory that could revive the PlayStation 4 a little, at least the use of its controller, the Dual Shock 4 which, like its Xbox One counterpart, has just been improved with an accessory.

Your DualShock 4 will be able to be improved thanks to the addition of two additional buttons which will be grafted onto the back of your pad, with programming possibilities for up to 16 functions.

3 different profiles can be defined, via an OLED on the device, everything will be offered from the end of next month for the USA, and around February 14 for Europe at a price of $ 29.99, or probably 29.99 euros.

Moreover, it remains surprising to release this kind of accessories a few months before the release of PlayStation 5, the accessory will have a hard time establishing itself with developers who will do Crossover at first.

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