Kosmos Toolbox v3.0.0 Released

Kosmos Toolbox v3.0.0 Released

WerWolv has just put online a new version of Kosmos Toolbox which allows, as you know, to modify the parameters of the Kosmos loader, in particular by relying on the tomGER SDfiles.

This version appears mainly as an update since the Kosmos tools have not been updated for a while, due to instability.

This fourth update is the work of a developer and not of WerWolv, named Cathery.

Changelog 3.0.0

- Update to the latest version of ATM, sysmodule registration and bug fixes

- Corrections so that the Toolbox works again with the latest libnx and Atmosphere

- The flags folder will now be created before trying to create a boot2.flag file

- Third-party sysmodules can now create a toolbox.json file in their folder to make them loadable by the toolbox

- To use this feature, create a toolbox.json file in the / atmosphere / contents / folder of your sysmodule with the following format:

"name": "sys-something",
"tid": "0100000000000999",
"requires_reboot": false

-Atmosphere configuration files will now be created and filled in if none were found
- Authorization for the inputs of any regulator, for consistency with the hbmenu v3.2.0

Download: Kosmos Toolbox v3.0.0

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