Kosmos v15 Released

Kosmos v15 Released

You were waiting for it, here it is finally, the brand new version of Kosmos v15 which is adapted to firmware 9.1.0.

Dragtaz informs us indeed of the availability of a new version of Kosmos which passes in 15 and which has all the last evolutions in the matter.

Kosmos, formerly SDFiles Switch, is the benchmark in the field, it is regularly updated to support the latest developments in hack and hack on Nintendo Switch and the team behind its support proves it to us a new time.

Kosmos v15 integrates:

  Atmosphere - 0.10.1
  Hekate - v5.1.1
  EdiZon - snapshot
  Emuiibo - 0.4
  Goldleaf - 0.8
  Homebrew App Store - 2.2
  Kosmos Toolbox - v3.0.0
  Kosmos Updater - v3.0.9
  ldn_mitm - v1.3.1-alpha
  Lockpick - v1.2.6
  Lockpick RCM - v1.8.1
  sys-clk - 0.13.0
  sys-ftpd-light - 1.0.1
  NXDumpTool - v1.1.8
  sys-con - v0.5.2

Changelog v15:

First of all, we wanted to make sure that all of our homebrews would support the latest firmware and a lot had to be rewritten due to changes in some libraries and reimplementations of custom firmware. While there is still a lot to be developed behind the scenes for a major update, we couldn't leave you without an update by then.

Adding sys-con

The idea of ​​using non-Nintendo controllers is always cool and sometimes other controllers may just be better for playing. Or you only have 2 controllers for Nintendo systems and you want to play with your friends. In any case, with this system module, you can now directly connect the controllers. It already supports a number of controllers and has a wide range of configuration options, please read the repository here: https://github.com/cathery/sys-con

Kosmos Toolbox update

Kosmos Toolbox has been adapted to the latest version of Atmosphere and Libnx thanks to Cathery, while introducing many new features such as:
- Adding a menu to manage multiple overwriting of keys to enter the homebrew menu. This uses something that has been newly introduced with Atmosphere 10.0 and which we hope will be useful to many people.

- Allow system modules to write their own configuration of the Kosmos toolbox so that they can appear dynamically in the toolbox without the user ever having to modify anything.

- Some bug fixes
Changelog: https://github.com/AtlasNX/Kosmos-Toolbox/releases/tag/v3.0.0

Updating sys-ftpd / Adding sys-ftpd-light

- sys-ftpd was a super useful tool developed by emily (@jakibaki) very early in a time when the development of system modules was not so important. Over time, however, that changed and the increasingly narrow memory of system modules became a battleground in which every byte counted.

- This caused a lot of problems with other sysmodules to the point that sys-ftpd itself took up almost all of the RAM due to certain features. In order to regain compatibility with other sysmodules, @cathery updated the sysmodule to take up a fraction of the memory it was using and fixed some issues.

- Added support for fw 9.1 to sys-ftpd


- Reduced memory usage from 7MB to 1MB (This also removes audio from the system module)

- Fixed an issue where the joycon LED would stay on forever (On fw9.0 +)

- Goldleaf update

- Integration of the emuiibo 0.8 manager

- Emuiibo 0.4 update

Updated atmosphere
Added support for version 9.1
A complete rewrite of Stratosphere
Support for configuring cancel keys for hbl has been improved. (Also used in the Kosmos update)
A huge number of bugs have been fixed.

Hekate update
Support for firmware 9.1
Even faster start-up times
Lots of bug fixes

NXDumptool update
Extreme number of additions, bug fixes and improvements.

Homebrew Appstore Update
Much faster, stable and beautiful

EdiZon updated
Although the v3 branch is no longer maintained, we still have an overview with some corrections.

Homebrew menu updated
Now display the system temperature and fix some bugs.
Logbook: https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbmenu/releases/tag/v3.2.0

Homebrew loader update
Mainly bug fixes
Changelog: https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbloader/releases/tag/v2.3.0

Updating ldn_mitm
Minor bug fixes and support for Atmosphere 10.1
Changelog: https://github.com/spacemeowx2/ldn_mitm/releases (Seems to be a bit dynamic)

Lockpick_RCM update
Much faster
9.1 support
Lots of bug fixes

General improvements in system stability to improve the user experience.

Download: Kosmos v15

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