NSC_BUILDER v0.97 Released

NSC_BUILDER v0.97 Released

Developer julesontheroad is back with a new version of its NSC_BUILDER program, which is now available in v0.97. For those who would start on the Switch hack, NSC_Builder succeeds NUT_Batch_Cleaner, which serves as an implementation of its mod hacbuild. NSC_Builder, Nintendo Switch Cleaner and Builder, was designed around the "REMOVE_TITLE_RIGHTS" function, which allows you to clear the titlerights encryption of NSP files.

This version v0.97 comes to bring many corrections, the update of the interface and an improvement of the recovery of the database.

Changelog v0.97

- Added support for keygeneration11 \ masterkey10 \ masterkey0a and interface updates
- As some of you may have realized, masterkey10 brings a separation between people who read numbers in int and people who read them in HEX. NSCB has been updated to support both formats (mater_key_10 and master_key_0a), you can read them on both sides in the keys.txt file.
- Several updates have been added to the information provided by the interface.
1 - It can detect the firmware present in the XCI files. To speed up the analysis, this is done via fw.json although if a firmware is not added to the json, it will be read from the XCI file and added to the json to speed up the analysis in games including the same firmware. The json will be updated as soon as a new firmware is detected but you can disable automatic updates and it will be updated using XCI.
2 - New eShop data such as product codes, game modes, cloud backups and online support have been added.
3 - Metacritical scores have been added.
4 - Videos from Nintendo.com have been added.
- Addition of 2 new options to the interface:
Option 2: Ability to choose the browser to launch the interface by defining the path of executable files or .lnk files
Option 3: Possibility to deactivate the video player. This is for older computers that can stop it when the HLS javascript video player loads the videos.
- Fixed RAW extraction for NSP files with large input tables like those present in the NSP firmware.
- Slight improvement in database recovery. If a json database is recovered and it is corrupted, the modification time will be updated to correspond to the current time on the system. This will prevent the program from trying to recover the database before the next refresh cycle, stopping the harassment every time nutdb is called.

Download: NSC_BUILDER v0.97

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