NX Activity Log v1.1.0 Released

NX Activity Log v1.1.0 Released

A new update is available for NX Activity Log, the application that allows us to view the log of activities performed on the Nintendo Switch console. The developer tallbl0nde indeed offers v1.1.0 of his homebrew for the Nintendo Switch scene, NX-Activity-Log, which allows you to keep track of time of use, the number of launches or even to know your playing time.

With NX Activity Log, it is thus possible to check how many times a match has been played, how long it has been played, the time since the last match and the total playing time (up to the minute and not only 5 hour segments).

Changelog 1.1.0:

- Ability to view recent gaming activities.
- Display by day, month or year. (This should be fairly accurate now, see the Readme file for more information)
- Added support for Applet mode.
- Added a personal selection of users to avoid problems with the player selection applet.
- Ability to ignore the user page.
- A switch is available in the settings / Works only on Atmosphere 0.10.0+, ReiNX and SXOS.
- The game search method has changed, now more games should appear!
- Games that have not been played are now ignored.
- User experience improvements:
> Hold ZL / ZR and when scrolling through a list to scroll faster.
> Adding a "panel" for selection in a list of options, now it is easier to choose how to order, etc.
- Most of the settings apply instantly.
- Update to libnx 3.0.0 library.

Download: NX Activity Log v1.1.0

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