PKGi PS3 v1.0.0 Released

PKGi PS3 v1.0.0 Released

After a first version 0.0.1, here comes the first final version 1.0.0 of PKGi PS3, the adaptation of PKGi, well known on PlayStation Vita and TV, will probably find a place on the scene of the penultimate Sony home console with this "full" version.

Bucanero, its developer claims it, it is clearly a port of PKGi proposed on PlayStation Vita by mmozeiko, the pkgi-ps3 application allows you to download and install .pkg files directly on your PS3.

After installation, you will need to create a "pkgi.txt" file on / dev_hdd0 / game / NP00PKGI3 / USRDIR

The file must contain the list of PKG files (URLs) that you want to list in the application.
The file is simply a CSV text file (comma separated value) with the following format (each line means an item in the list):

contentid, flags, name, description, rap, url, size, checksum

- contentid is the full identifier of the content of the element, for example: UP000000-NPHA99999_00-00001-00001122222333333000.
- flags is currently an unused number, set it to 0.
- name is an arbitrary string used to display the name.
- description is the description of the currently unused alternative item, leave it blank.
- rap is the 16 hexadecimal bytes of the RAP file, necessary for the pkg (.rap will be created on hdd0 / exdata). Leave blank for no rap files.
- url is the http url where to download the file content.pkg.
- size is the size of the pkg in bytes, or 0 if unknown.
- checksum is the sha256 of pkg in 32 hexadecimal bytes to ensure that pkg is not altered. Leave blank to skip the check.

Download: PKGi PS3 v1.0.0

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