RetroReloaded CFW 4.00 with ReiNX 9.1.0 (unofficial)

RetroReloaded CFW 4.00 with ReiNX 9.1.0 (unofficial)

The Italian developer RetroGamer74 has just unveiled a major version of RetroReloaded, version 4.00.

Why major, already by its numbering, not simply, especially because this version brings an unofficial implementation of ReiNX adapted to the official firmware 9.1.0.

Please note, this is not an official version of ReiNX, but rather a development specific to RetroReloaded.

Changelog 4.00:

This version 4.00 still brings two additional developments, namely the correction of error 2021-0004 when using SX OS with Sys-con. And it also adds support for Incognito RCM under Firmware 9.1.0.

Moreover, the most important development remains the arrival of ReiNX under 9.1.0.

- ReiNX with firmware 9.1.0 supported. (Thanks to d3fau4)
- Support of the Emunand. Use the RetroReloaded Emunand switch integrated in the start screen. It is now compatible for Atmosphere & ReiNX.
- Emunand On / Off.
- Sys-con supported.
- Hombrew Tested.
- Games tested.
- Signpatchs included.

Download: RR_4.00_RetroReloaded_CFW

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