SimpleModManager v1.3.1 Released

SimpleModManager v1.3.1 Released

SimpleModManager is a simple homebrew application for Switch consoles which should allow us to manage mods adequately (via LayeredFS) on an atmosphere of custom firmware.

SimpleModManager is a homebrew application that will allow you to manage mods, via LayeredFS, in Atmosphere. SimpleModManager makes it easy to manage mods from LayeredFS by redirecting access to romfs files from the SD card. When the application accesses a romfs file, it checks the existence of this same file in the SD card. If the file on the SD card exists, access to the romfs file will be redirected to it.

This new version has been recompiled with the last update of the libnx library which naturally adds support for firmware 9.1.0 of the Nintendo Switch.

Changelog 1.3.1:

- Compiled with the latest version of libnx (compatible with firmware 9.1.0).


- Download and place the .nro file in the / switch / folder inside the SD card.
- Create a new folder in the SD card and rename it / mods /.
- Tree: / mods / <NameOfTheGame> / <NameOfTheMod> / <ModTreeStructureFromAtmosphereFolder>

Download: SimpleModManager v1.3.1

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