SwitchTime v0.1.1 Released

SwitchTime v0.1.1 Released

SwitchTime is a homebrew application for Nintendo Switch systems that allows you to change the time and day in the NetworkSystemClock module.

MegaMagikarp aka 3096, looked for how to change the Switch's system clock, so he found no tools and he set out to find a network time programmer: NX-ntpc by thedax.

On this basis, it offers a fork under the name of SwitchTime which is similar to RTChanger on the Nintendo 3DS, with an additional function of "automatic time synchronization".

Current functionalities:

- Time change per day / hour
- Contact with a time server at ntp.org to reset the time to normal.

Warning :

This program changes NetworkSystemClock, which can cause a desynchronization between the console and the servers. Use it at your own risk! It is recommended to use the modified clock only in offline mode and to change it again as soon as you are connected (manually or using the ntp.org server) otherwise you risk taking a ban.

Changelog 0.1.1:

- Added hidden L functionality - quick launch by replacing hbmenu.nro
- Fixed an issue when NetworkSystemClock was not defined
- General improvements in software stability to improve user experience

Download: SwitchTime v0.1.1

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