SX Autoloader updated for firmware 9.1.0

SX Autoloader updated for firmware 9.1.0

Team-Xecuter has just updated SX Autoloader to support firmware 9.1.0. The proposed version is therefore now v1.30 which provides support for firmware 9.1.0 and that of SX OS Beta 2.9.3.

When the firmware v9.1.0 was released, it was soon discovered that it had problems with the old SX Autoloader v1.20, but it has now been fixed and updated to v1.30 by [WAIN] and you can Again enjoy the ease with which you can mount your XCI (dumped cartridges) on your Switch console, when using the latest Nintendo firmware and v2.9.3 SX OS Beta.

Download: SX Autoloader 1.30

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