sys-ftpd-light v1.0.1 Released

sys-ftpd-light v1.0.1 Released

The developer Cathery has just resumed the work of Jakibaki who offers him Sys-ftpd, but Cathery has decided to release a fork under the name of sys-ftpd-light which requires less memory in the system module.

Like its little cousin, sys-ftpd-light allows you to activate an FTP server and transfer files to modified Switch consoles, there are still some modifications compared to the original.

Changelog 1.0.1 and differences:

- Reduction of memory consumption from 6 MB to 1 MB. On Switch FW 9.1.0, this huge block of memory means that the old sys-ftpd no longer works. In addition, this left little or no memory available for other sysmodules to use, which caused the same problem.
- Complete sound suppression. Due to memory limitations, sysmodules should only use what is absolutely necessary. Sound is not absolutely necessary so it has been removed.
- On Joy-Cons with firmware updated to 9.0.0, the LED indicator will automatically turn off after 10 seconds to prevent the battery from being discharged. This is useful in cases where the system module is interrupted without having the possibility of switching it off manually, so that the LED stays on forever.
- Support for Atmosphere 0.10.0 (the "titles" folder has been renamed to "contents", if you are using an older version of Atmosphere, go back and change yourself.

Download: sys-ftpd-light v1.0.1

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