uLaunch 0.2.1 Released

uLaunch 0.2.1 Released

uLaunch has also seen a good number of fixes, although XorTroll has already announced that the next version will be more complete. uLaunch is the personalized and open source re-implementation of qlaunch (the HOME menu of the Switch console). Homebrew oriented, ULaunch is simply a complete re-implementation, 100% open-source, which also includes the eShop applet, parental control and the flagellation system title (all are practically useless with this re-implementation) for its functionality. extended.

This version 0.2.1 is a basic version to support the latest versions of libnx and Atmosphere, so few features have been added.

Changelog 0.2.1


- Added support for the latest versions of Atmosphere, libstratosphere and libnx, correcting potential bugs they could all have had.

USB viewer

- USB viewing has been disabled for this version because it is completely unstable and faulty.

Main Menu

- Fixed an issue where homebrew could not be launched from the main menu, even in applet mode, when there is a suspended application.

- Added option to rename folders by pressing X in the main menu (with the folder selected)

Download: uLaunch 0.2.1

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