VitaGrafix v5.0.0 Released

VitaGrafix v5.0.0

Slovak developer Michal Chvila has released a new alpha update for the VitaGrafix plugin available on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV, the application allows us to change the resolution and increase the frame limit (FPS) of games.

Michal Chvila has just released an update for VitaGrafix which is now in version 5.0. VitaGrafix Configurator is a homebrew with a graphical interface that allows you to easily configure resolution options in a given game, such as internal resolution and the number of frames per second.

To manually update the list of games, download the most recent list of games and replace the file in the ux0: / data / VitaGrafix folder.
Then open the versions.txt file and replace the version number in the list with the most recent.

The VitaGrafix plugin is inspired by the VitaRescale from the developer Rinnegatamante but it goes further, in particular by supporting more titles.

Changelog v5.0

- Significantly improved UX (UI, logging, error reporting, etc.).
- Analyzer / interpreter rewritten from scratch - patchlist.txtrenouvelée syntax (compatible with patch v4.x).
- Added support for per-self in config.txt headers.
- You can now use separate options for each game in "collections" with a single TitleID (eg GoW 1/2).
- Addition of an internal log buffer - reduced game startup times due to I / O blocking
- Added a config.txt option to completely disable logging.
- Added support for 20 FPS in config.txt.
- Added support for individual patch lists per game (e.g. ux0: data / VitaGrafix / patch / PCSF00001.txt).
- Added support for built-in comments on the same line of code.
- Bug fixes.

Download: VitaGrafix v5.0.0

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