WiiFlow_Lite 5.4.0 Released

WiiFlow_Lite 5.4.0 Released

WiiFlow Lite is a Wii USB Loader WiiFlow mod offered by Fledge68, WiiFlow Lite is a homebrew wii application used to display and launch your games and applications stored on a USB device or an SD card connected to a Wii or Wii U in Wii mode . Games and applications are displayed in a cover flow type display.

Since version 5.2.0, WiiFlow Lite is simply a replacement for WiiFlow. Put it in apps / wiiflow and use wiiflow forwarder's to launch it via the wii system menu. forwarders can be found on wiiflowiki4. for previous wiiflow lite users, you must uninstall your wiiflow lite forwarder and replace it with a wiiflow forwarder.

Just download the latest version and extract it to your apps / wiiflow folder on an SD or USB hard drive. The SD is recommended. Your device must be formatted in FAT32.

Changelog 5.4.0 (since 5.2.0):

 -Added an option to have separate plugin categories and normal categories (Wii) in categories_lite ini. Normal categories go under [GENERAL] and plugin categories go under [PLUGINS]. Plugin categories are displayed when you are watching plugin games, and normal categories are displayed when you are not watching plugin games. The only problem is that when you combine normal games with plugin games ... the category menu will only show plugin categories. I don't have a solution to this problem yet. Note: If your plugin games work with normal categories, don't worry, they will still work. You do not need to copy the [GENERAL] section and rename it to [PLUGINS].
 - Now only disc 1 of Gamecube dual disc games is added to the list of games. Discs 2 are ignored and no longer need to be hidden with a hidden category. Dual disc games will ask you at launch which disc to use.
 - addition of a 480p extreme pixel patch via the ger usbloader code of leseratte. only for wii games. there is a global default setting in the main parameters pg 13 and each game has a setting on page 5 which can be default, deactivated or activated.
 - now compiled with the 480p pixel patch applied to libogc.a
 - the plugin set list generator now obtains the title and the rom ID from the files in the wiimpathy plugin database. a 'reload cache' should be made for each source of plugins so that the title and ID can be added to the current cached list. custom titles still work and will replace the plugin database files.
 - added "use plugin database titles" option on page 13 of the main settings. the default is YES. the default value is NO if you do not want to use the file titles of the plugin database. All cached lists will be deleted to be redone with the new titles.
 - Addition of the option "covers box mode" on page 13 of the main settings. default value: ON. default value: OFF if you only want to use flat covers. does not apply to sourceflow, homebrew flow, and plugins with the box mode set.
 - Correction of the numbering of multiple GPT partitions (not tested). Taken from the USB Loader gx. thanks to cyan!
 - detection of the size of fixed GPT partitions. Thanks to blackb0x and cyan!
 - addition of 'back_tier' as option of source menu button. in case you want to show an arrow up or back to return to the previous level.
 - modification of 'source menu at startup' to always start on the basic level.
 - Addition of the ini option of the source menu to define the number of the flow layout. under [general] add flow = #. this also applies to levels.
 - Added BBA Nintendont and net profile emulation options to game settings.
 - In the home menu, the Install option has been replaced by the Shutdown option (power off) which asks if the game is in complete stop or standby mode.
 - Added prefer_usb option for Wii and GameCube games. When this option is set to yes, their partition will be set to USB if USB is connected, otherwise it will be set to SD.
 - Added tls support by adding wolfssl. this allows wiiflow to download from secure websites and https addresses. This fixed the download cheats. thanks to blackb0x!
 - Addition of the missing check box to select the images with a light blue border. thanks gingerbeardman matt!
 - Deletion of the multi source source menu. with the new levels and the autoboot and other stuff, it has become too difficult and complicated to code for the multi source menu. if you still want multi source, use the 'Select Plugin' menu and add the wii, gc, channels and homebrew plugins.
 - now if favorites or categories are activated when you launch a game, they will be activated by returning to wiiflow.
 - Added display of snapshots for the current game. the snapshot is displayed where the mini banner normally displays. use the wiimpathy database files and images for snapshots. note: the width and the height are 25% smaller than those displayed in the info menu of the game.
 - mapped the + and - buttons of the classic controller to function as wiimote + and - instead of using the L and R buttons of the classic controller. seems more logical to me.
 - skip the 'samples' folder which is sometimes in the roms folder. this prevents the samples zip from being added to the rom list.
 - correction of box mode for plugins. now each plugin can haveir box mode activated (1), deactivated (0), or by default (-1). by default is the GENERAL box mode parameter in wfl ini. if the line boxmode = is absent from the plugin, it will use the default mode.
 - Added an option to automatically hide the buttons for the main screen and the selected game screen. when it is set to no, these buttons do not hide and are displayed all the time. by default, it is set to yes so that the buttons hide unless the pointer is in a specified area of ​​the screen.
 - Addition of the standby option on page 12 of the main parameters. Set to yes for standby standby (yellow light). wii u users leave off.
 - Added options to copy the configuration and miis from real nand to emu nand on page 3 of emu nand settings. if the option is set to 'on', the configuration and / or miis of real nand will be copied to emu nand before launching the game. this resolves problem no. 90 to keep your controllers synchronized in emu nand mode.
 - If you want to use IOS58, go to the startup parameters and set force load cios to 'no'.
 - now you can use subfolders to organize your wiiflow / plugins folder. be sure to adjust the dolfile and bannersound paths if necessary.
 - now scummvm ini doesn't need to be in wiiflow / plugins. it can be in wiiflow / plugins / scummvm or apps / scummvm.
 - now platform ini is loaded when wiiflow starts. instead of constantly charging and discharging it. platform ini is now used for gameinfo, coverflows, blank cover titles, and more.
 - new way to manage blank blankets personalized by Abz. blank covers should now go to the wiiflow / boxcovers / blank_covers folder and should be named after their platform name via platform ini. they can also now be in png or jpg format.
 - Addition using platform ini to get the correct coverflow from the current ini coverflow. requires updating the ini platform and an updated ini coverflow.
 - Removal of hard coded sideflow and shortflow.
 - improvement of the cover loader by adding 3 tests to load the covers. The 2nd and 3rd tests are there to recover the missing covers that were not loaded the first time.
 - the homebrew list is now cached again. if you add or delete an application, you must reload the cache.
 - homebrew covers must go to wiiflow / boxcovers / homebrew for full covers or wiiflow / covers / homebrew for 2d covers.

Download: WiiFlow_Lite 5.4.0

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