A leaked PS5 interface image

An image that is a screenshot of the current PlayStation 5 user interface (PS5 UI) has been leaked by an anonymous employee of the game studio on the 4Chan forum. Of course, this image would have been taken from a devkit and not from a PS5.

In his post, he says: "I work in a game studio that already has PS5 devkits, I guess this is the first image of the PS5 user interface (at least as it is now ) on the Internet."

As we can see, this is in line with what the NotebookCheck.net site says
"A familiar tile-based format is present, reminiscent of the PlayStation 4 user interface. It makes sense that Sony doesn't make too many major changes.

The software version of the system is visible in the form 0.100.020 and there is also mention of free disk space, with more than 891 GB of storage remaining on the 1 TB SSD ".

It would therefore seem that the SSD is 1 TB, this could be quickly saturated because the games will still take up more space on the next generation with 8K textures.

Everything is here: boards.4channel.org

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