Artemis under CFW / hen 4.85

Artemis under CFW / hen 4.85

dnawrkshp initially ported Artemis from Lazy Bastards to the PS3, many developers have followed suit,

Artemis which is a collection of free applications that allow you to apply Netcheat codes on your favorite games with great ease, is an Open Source hacking system for Playstation 3 Games created as part of the Project Artemis initiative.

It allows you to apply cheat codes to games used on CFW / HEN compatible consoles, it also comes with a companion plugin (sprx) for additional functionality on CFW.

bucanero, which you may remember, is the developer who recently ported PKGi to the PS3 and has now decided to update Artemis for 4.85 users.

An online cheat database which will allow you to keep your cheat codes up to date with a simple online download as well as a local database update function has also been incorporated into the system.

As you can see the interface has also been revised in passing.

Everything is there:

Download: ArtemisPS3

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  1. I have tried Artemis R6 on my ps3 Hen 4.85 but soon after code attached and writes, game crashes and go to sleep mode. Help

  2. Does webman mod still conflict with the current artemis ??