Awoo Installer v1.3.1 Released

Awoo Installer v1.3.1 Released

Huntereb offers its first version of Awoo Installer of the year with this v1.3.1, its tool allows you to install NSP and NSZ with a division option on the SD card. It also supports installation over a local network using tools such as ns-usbloader and URLs. Awoo Installer is an installer of NSP / NSZ (split or not) based on the old version of Tinfoil (that of Adube), it allows nothing other than the installation of NSP / NSZ which also limits its use . Now it offers installation via USB.

Changelog 1.3.1:

- Files received for remote installation are now sorted alphabetically
- Fixed a bug that caused installations to fail when sending a large amount of files via USB
- Installations now use significantly more RAM in title overwrite mode, which slightly accelerates remote NSZ installations
- Changes and optimizations of Plutonium behind the scenes (Thanks @HookedBehemoth!)
- Some corrections and changes to translation strings
- Other small changes and bug fixes

Download: Awoo Installer v1.3.1

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