Chiaki v1.1.3 Released

thestr4ng3r offers a new version of its Chiaki program which is stamped 1.1.3, as you know, this project is neither certified nor affiliated with Sony, and is completely independent of SDK or Sony sources, which means that it is completely "free of rights".

Chiaki is the first Remote Play client for PlayStation 4 that is Open Source, completely free, and which supports Linux, MacOS, Windows and Android.

Changelog 1.1.3:

- Prevents the screen from turning off during streaming (# 149)
- Stream display options: Normal, Zoom and Stretch (# 146)
- Control option only by touchpad (# 130)
- Export and import settings as JSON
- Adjustment of the dimensions of the Android analog stick for better use

- Correction of the search for the H264 codec for libavcodec <58.10.100 (# 143)
- Added Pyramid / Box buttons to keyboard shortcuts (# 118)
- Correction of the installation path of the icons (Correction # 92)

- Make the script easier for Windows

Download: Chiaki v1.1.3

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