Fortuna FMCB Launcher par VTSTech Released

Fortuna FMCB Launcher par VTSTech Released

As you know an exploit called Fortuna Project was unveiled at the beginning of December 2019, this demonstration disc-based exploit covers all models of PlayStation 2, even if certain models or revisions require additional files.

Another developer, VTSTech, offers him some new tools, notably Fortuna FMCB Launcher (SCPH-9XXXX Models w / 2.30 bios), which is a utility that will allow you to "quickly launch FMCB or BOOT2.ELF from one either of the memory cards. "

Changelog v0.2:
- Code cleaning
- No longer loads Pad Manager
- Do not initialize the DVD anymore
- Elimination of all delays
- More in beta
- Now includes source code, Packed / Unpacked BOOT.ELF

Changelog v0.1-beta2:
- Added missing mc1 BOOT2.ELF detection
- Provision of a build '0 delay / no sleep ()'.

Changelog v0.1-beta1:
- First public broadcast
- Checks the presence of FMCB on one or other of the MCs.
- Controls for BOOT2.ELF in / FORTUNA / on one or other of the MC
- Boot on FMCB if it is present.
- Otherwise, boot on BOOT2.ELF
- Includes ELF packed / unpacked

Download: PS2_FORTUNA_FMCB_Launcher

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