Gamecard Installer NX v1.0 Released

Gamecard Installer NX v1.0 Released

TotalJustice has created a game card installer which, as its name suggests, installs your game cards directly on your Switch, it is called Gamecard Installer NX and is launched in v1.0

The application is quite simple, and has 3 options:

- Installation on the nand.
- Installation on the SD card.
- Exit.

However, he did spend some time tweaking the user interface and some cool features:
- Support for multi gamecards (gamecards with several games inside, press L / R to browse them).
- Full support for the touch screen.
- Musical support. Just drop the .mp3 files in the application folder / switch / gamecard_installer / and the application will play these songs at random! (subfolders are supported).
- Display game information such as total size, key generation and application ID.
- Display of the free memory of the nand / sd card. This is updated after installing a game.
- Cleaning of all spaces reserved at startup.
- In the event of a problem, an error code for this specific error will be displayed. This will save you time when reporting problems.

Download: Gamecard-Installer-NX v1.0

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