GodMode9 v1.9.1 Released

GodMode9 v1.9.1 Released

d0k3 has just unveiled a brand new version of GodMode9 which is therefore offered in 1.9.1.

This is the first update in 3 months, you can imagine that there are many new features. With more than a million downloads, GodMode9 has just been updated by its developer d0k3 with essential corrections. This marks the 40th release of GodMode9, with a 1260 commits, and the fourth year of development, the developers do not seem to want to stop there.

Changelog 1.9.1

- At verification, correction offer for NCCH / NCSD badly decrypted
- Much faster scrolling speeds in displaying text wrapped in words
- GBA VC backup injection method greatly improved (thanks @TurdPooCharger)
- Correction of the .BPS code in the scripts (thanks @Wolfvak)
- Correction of a crash in the DISA / DIFF management code (thanks @ aspargas2)
- Currently allows to decrypt N3DS NATIVE_FIRM on O3DS
- The latest search reader is back
- Checking the cartridge reader
- Handling notifications

Thanks to @Wolfvak, @ aspargas2 and @TurdPooCharger for their active contribution to development. Special mention goes to @ HIDE810 who finally pointed out that scrolling the text viewer is awfully slow in some cases and requires a bit of work. Thank you to all of you !

Download: GodMode9 v1.9.1

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