Hactool v1.3.0 Released

Hactool v1.3.0 Released

SciresM has just released a new version of its Hactool software, the software that allows you to decrypt and extract files in specific format from the Nintendo Switch.

As a reminder, Hactool supports the following formats:

- HFS0
- PFS0
- RomFS
- Package1 (PK11)
- Package2 (PK21)
- INI1
- KIP1
- NAX0 (New)

With v1.3.0, the developer added new corrections, brought important evolutions.

Changelog v1.3.0
- Correction of the support of the new generation of keys (8.0.0+).
- Added support for Package2 8.0.0+ binary extraction.
- The key generation names and SVC have been updated to the latest definitions.
- Added support for scanning and extracting backup files (thanks @shchmue!).
- Added support for decryption and analysis of the encrypted XCI header area.
- Correction of NPDM output when analyzing the version field.
- Added support for suppressing the output of sensitive / decrypted keys.
- Added support for extracting NCA files only if content type is specified.
- Added support for automatically adding the NCA section type to extracted section content paths if an option has been specified.
- The key derivation was corrected during the derivation of the main keys of the keyblobs.
- Title.keys content restrictions have been relaxed (non-key lines are now allowed).
- Added support for skipping invalid key warning output.
- Fixed a bug that caused errors in the PFS0 file input calculations.

Download: Hactool v1.3.0

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