Hactoolnet and LibHac 0.8.1 Released

Hactoolnet and LibHac 0.8.1 Released

LibHac is a brand new .NET (or .NET Core) library for opening, decrypting and extracting the common file formats used by the Nintendo Switch.

All content is imported and exported as a .NET stream. This means that reading can be done with the following file types and encryption:

- NAX0
- PFS0 / HFS0 / NSP
- RomFS
- Save file
- Package1
- Package2
- INI1 / KIP1
- Ticket
- NAND and SD card switch

Files can be read or extracted this way.

NAX0 reader -> NCA reader -> RomFS reader -> Individual files

hactoolnet is an example of a program using LibHac. It is used in the same way as hactool for:

- Save the edited and signed file
- Create from PFS0
- Toggle key derivation
- Verification of the integrity of NCA, XCI, etc.
- Personalized title key reading
- Read, analyze and display information on a NAND of a Switch or an SD card
- Extract NCA, RomFS and other formats directly from an SD card or a NAND, including patched titles

Changelog 0.8.0

- Added support for extracting nax0 files.
- Display of the key used to sign and verify the recorded data files. Fixed issues with signing and verifying saved data sometimes.
- Corrections on the display of certain error messages.

- Addition of corrections on FS content. Addition of the PartitionFileSystemCore class.
- Correction of the regression in the derivation of the keyyblob key.
- Confirmation that Result.Log () is called when we return unsuccessful results.

Changelog 0.8.1

- Correction on the filter of the rank of saved information. Fixed CreateSaveData logging.

Download: Hactoolnet and LibHac 0.8.1

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