Hode v0.2.5 released on Switch and PSvita

Hode v0.2.5 released on Switch and PSvita

Matthieu Milan (alias machinist) has just published via his Twitter profile a brand new version of his Hode program which is stamped with the number 0.2.5, the proposed version is the adaptation of Gregory Montoir.

As a reminder, Hode is the Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation Vita port of the famous PC game Heart of Darkness.


On Switch

- Create the / switch / hode directory on the SD card.
- Copy all the data files into it (read the README.txt file), hode.nro and hode.ini.
- Run the .nro file on the Switch.

On PlayStation Vita

- Install the hode.vpk file using VitaShell.
- Copy all the data files (read the README.txt file) and hode.ini in the ux0: data / hode directory.
- Edit the hode.ini file and set the value of scale_factor to 1 and the fullscreen to true.
- Run the game from LiveArea.

Changelog v0.2.5:

- Import of changes from version 0.2.5.
- Correction on the movement of spiders and worms.
- Several fixes for big endian platforms.

Download: Hode 0.2.5 Ps Vita / Hode 0.2.5 Switch

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