Incognito_RCM v0.5.1 Released

Incognito_RCM v0.5.1 Released

jimzrt takes over the lead of his Incognito_RCM, which allows you to take advantage of Incognito under Atmosphere. As you probably know Incognito does not work under Vanilla Atmosphere, it is therefore possible to go through the Incognito_RCM paylaod which can be used with Hekate, or any other payload injector offering the same functionality.

The Incognito_RCM payload will therefore erase the personal information of your Nintendo console by deleting it from prodinfo.

If your console is banned, this will not allow you to play online, however it allows you to stay connected for homebrews or any alternative online without being harassed by Nintendo updates.

Since October 2019, Incognito_RCM had not been updated, now it is now adapted to firmware 9.1.0 and the new hekate, and to the changes introduced with lockpick_rcm.


- Delete personal information on sysnand / emunand
- Prodinfo backup of sysnand / emunand
- Restore prodinfo on sysnand / emunand

Changelog 0.5.0:

- 9.1.0 firmware support
- Incorporates changes from lockpick_rcm and hekate

Download: Incognito_RCM v0.5.1

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