JKSV 01.06.2020

JKSV 01.06.2020 Released

J-D-K, creator of JKSM has just updated its Switch version of JKSV, as you know it is a backup manager for Switch. This manager allows you to export and import backups, but also to view their backup properties.

There are also customization options: you can change the background by simply placing an image in .jpg renamed "back.jpg", resolution 1280 * 720p, on the micro SD in SD: /JKSV/back.jpg, or again change the font of the text by putting a font file in .ttf renamed "font.ttf" in SD: /JKSV/font.ttf.

The tool also allows you to download NAND, perform targeted searches in the backup status file system, eliminate firmware updates not yet installed, and perform searches in BIS memory.

Changelog 01.06.2020:

Implementation of an emergency release due to HID changes. Bug reports are appreciated. Changes from last year:

- It is no longer necessary to keep a combo to activate:
> System registration.
> Device registration.
- Generic icons are now generated for items without icons instead of using a large question mark.
- Update to the latest version of libnx
- ROMFS opening code has been deleted
- Hopefully the download in text mode is correct.

Download: JKSV 01.06.2020

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