Julius (Caesar III) v1.2.0 Released

Julius (Caesar III) v1.2.0 Released

bvschaik has just released a brand new version of Julius, which as a reminder is the porting of the Caesar III engine based on an open source re-implementation, the strategic game similar to SimCity taking place in Roman times.

Gameplay improvements

- Editor: use the assignment editor directly from Julius. The editor works in the same way as the original editor of César 3, with the following improvements:
- Painting the terrain is easier because a green imprint of the terrain appears
- Changes in demand: a functionality supported by César 3 but not available in the original editor: events to change the amount that cities will exchange with you, similar to price changes
- Open game: toggle this option to create an open game scenario, without goals and without Caesar's favor decreasing every year
- The editor is available from the main menu. Note that it requires the presence of the editor files in the installation of Caesar 3. Get them here.
- Better visual feedback during clearing: the buildings to be deleted are highlighted in red
- Scrolling diagonally using the keyboard: hold down two arrow keys to scroll diagonally
- Right click on the City Building Kit screen to return to the main menu
- Aqueduct images are updated when sections are deleted
- The introduction track is read when returning to the main menu

General improvements

- Upgrade from SDL to version 2.0.10
- Note that this version of SDL no longer supports Windows XP. To play under Windows XP, use the SDL 2.0.9 library instead
Smacker's videos should be smoother
- Support for Linux AppImage
- Support for MP3 files which were available on the official César 3 website
- Support for the traditional Chinese version of the game
- Display a warning when Jules detects an unpatched installation of Caesar 3
- Command line options for HD monitors:
--displayy-scale will scale the display by a factor between 0.5 and 5
--cursor-scale will scale the mouse cursor 1, 1.5 or 2

Gameplay bug fixes

- Fixed: fishing dock changing orientation when saving / loading the game
- Fixed: infinite freeze of loops / games during big battles, especially in the mission of the Carthago campaign
- Fixed: native graphics of the meeting center corrupted when starting personalized cards
- Correction: the name of the governor was not fixed or correctly reported in the campaign missions
- Fixed: visual artifacts on earthquake cracks when deleting buildings
- Fixed: small differences in long-range combat behavior compared to Caesar 3
- Correction: the drawing of the figure was slightly offset from Caesar 3
- Technical corrections
- Fixed: crash when the tooltip is drawn outside the screen
- Fixed: crash when rioter destroys buildings
- Fixed: crash when the screen becomes smaller than 640x480
- Fixed: his video playing too fast on certain equipment
- Fixed: its video corrupted for German videos, which use 16-bit audio
- Correction: difficulty setting and activation of the gods on sensitive default values ​​when loading a configuration file from an unpatched César 3 installation
- Fixed: the mouse cursor 'hotspot' is not in the right place on the Vita and Switch versions
- Fixed: ok / cancel / scroll buttons reacting to clicks outside the visible button
- Fixed: multiline text drawing a space before the 2nd line and the following ones

Download: Julius (Caesar III) v1.2.0

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