KMFDManic Mini Classic Xtreme Core/HMOD Set v.3.7

KMFDManic Mini Classic Xtreme Core/HMOD Set v.3.7

The KMFDManic HMOD set is updated to version v3.7.

The list of people who have participated in this project over the years is so long, like Libretro, the Mini Classics scene, Nintendo Power and those of other projects, not counting the followers of YouTube, it would take a book to name them all . This version brings evolutions, among others on Hakchi2 CE and on overclock.

Changelog 10-25-19 v3.7:

Wonderful novelties to consult for your pleasure, this time!

    Hakchi2 CE now fully supports MD Mini Classic! (Mini MD)
    MAME 2003 Xtreme updated with support for Street Fighter II Arcade Custom OST! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
    Amiga CD32 support has been added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
    The Sega Saturn has performance / speed improvements! (Mini PSC only!)
    Turbo fire has been corrected for the Turbografx-16 / CD! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
    The glitches and accidents of Doom Core have been cleaned up! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
    OpenBOR for PSC, for Realz! (Mini PSC)
    Avengers United Battle Force OpenBOR fixed for Mini Classics (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
    OpenBOR Games Galore! ((Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
    Amiberry (Amiga) for PSC (Better AGA!), Also for Realz! (Mini PSC)
    DOOM bonus games! (Mini PSC)
    RetroArch Xtreme updated for all Mini Classics! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
    The overclock goes up to 1.2 Ghz.
Download: KMFDManic Mini Classic Xtreme Core / HMOD Set v.2.5-2019-10-25-19-V2

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