Libretro Beetle PSX Dynarec Public Beta

Team LibRetro is delighted to announce that the Beetle PSX Dynarec is finally entering its public beta phase, the dynarec project for Beetle PSX would not be where it is today without the combined efforts of simias, pcercuei and Zach Cook!

If you are on Android, Windows, Linux and / or macOS, all you have to do to get the latest core is to open RetroArch, go to Online Updater, and select "Update Installed Cores" (if you have already installed the Beetle PSX core before), or install the Beetle PSX and / or Beetle PSX HW cores separately.

What is it about ?

In 2017, we launched a version of Beetle PSX, our own heavily modified fork of Mednafen PSX. Mednafen PSX is a very precise PlayStation1 emulator, however, unlike emulators like ePSXe, it only has a CPU interpreter, which means that the emulator is quite slow and therefore is not really usable on anything other than High-end desktop PCs and cellphones.

The interest then was to create a dynamic recompiler to Beetle PSX so that it can work much faster and therefore be a viable emulator on low-end hardware, such as mid-range mobile phones, game consoles, Older PCs ...

Pcercuei and Zach Cook have proposed a dynamic recompiler implementation based on Lightrec. Zach Cook carried out most of the integration of Lightrec into Beetle PSX, while pcercuei carried out Lightrec himself. Lightrec is the dynamic pcercuei recompiler for MIPS that uses GNU Lightning as a backend. There should be functional implementations for almost all system architectures, from x86 (64bit / 32bit) to MIPS and ARM (64bit / 32bit). It should be mentioned that Pcercuei has already connected Lightrec to PCSX Reloaded, and used it as a test bench.

Dynarec is available for the following platforms:

Android *
MacOS *

* Current performance is quite poor for Android and MacOS platforms.

Everything is there:

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