mGBA 0.8.0 Released

endrift has just published the update of mGBA which is now available in version 0.8.0, this is the stable version 0.8.0, which therefore corrects quite a lot compared to the beta.
mGBA allows you to emulate a Game Boy, Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Color on PC, 3DS, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Vita, and now Nintendo Switch.

Changes from 0.8 beta 1
Emulation fixes
ARM: phase correction of the STR write-back pipeline
ARM: partially corrects LDM / STM lazy writing with an empty register list
ARM: correction of the transition when events are pending
GBA DMA: fixed case where DMA could be misaligned (fixes # 1092)
GBA memory: correction of the open IWRAM bus (corrections # 1575)
GBA timer: improves timer start emulation
GBA video: Fixed rendering of OpenGL 512 × 512 backgrounds (corrections # 1572)
GBA video: BLDY correction for semi-transparent sprites on non-target backgrounds-2
GBA video: fixed incorrect mixing effects in some windows
GBA video: copy target indicator 1 with higher priority
Other corrections
3DS: Correction of screen gradation (corrections # 1562)
Core: solves problems with uninitialized memory with graphic caches
Core: returns null for the VRAM request for the tile hidden outside the limit
GBA video: correction of OpenGL fragment data association
GBA video: Correction of the mosaic in OpenGL modes 1-5 (Corrections # 1620)
Debugger: fixed instructions to ignore track (fixes # 1614)
OpenGL: invalidate the plot only if the dimensions change (corrections # 1612)
Qt: Correction of the restored fast forward mute (Corrections # 1574)
Qt: Corrects the arrows of the scroll bar in the memory view (corrections # 1558)
Qt: fix several cases where the shader selections were not saved
Qt: correction of the division by zero error in an invalid TilePainter state
Qt: resolution of the "restart required" dialog box after the first configuration (corrections # 1601)
Qt: fix unwanted screen filter when paused (fix # 1602)
Qt: Correct the sprite view using an incorrect base address (corrections # 1603)
Qt: Fixed inability to delete predefined key combinations
Qt: versions suspend actions in the event of a rebound
Qt: Fixed double-click crash menus in link parameters (fixes # 1627)
Qt: correction of the A / V window of the recording which does not update the resolution (corrections # 1626)
Vita: Correction of analog controls (corrections # 1554)
Wii: fix the fast forward of the game after a slowdown
Wii: improves audio buffering (fix # 1617)
GB memory: support for manual modification of SRAM (corrections n. 1580)
GBA: cut unfiltered ROMs to 32 MiB, if necessary
GBA Audio: repeat the batch of 4 channels for GBA only
GBA I / O: stops logging multiple invalid and harmless log readings
GBA video: modifying the scaling of OpenGL no longer requires a restart
Debugger: separate aliases from main commands
Debugger: printing the pause / monitoring ID when stopping the CLI
Debugger: minor interface cleanup
SDL: use the controller GUID instead of the name
SM83: rename LR35902 to SM83
Tools: authorizes the use of the threaded rendering engine in
Tools: clean up unused argument in mgba-perf

Download: mGBA 0.8.0

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