Minecraft: Java Edition v1.1 on Switch

Minecraft: Java Edition v1.1 on Switch

Minecraft arrives on Nintendo Switch, MCSwitchTools is a small toolbox to easily manage Minecraft: Java Edition on L4T Ubuntu, the customized version of the Linux distribution for Switch based on the "Linux for Tegra" project from Nvidia.

To launch this Java edition of Minecraft you will need some knowledge of launching command line programs under Ubuntu.

Changelog v1.1:

- Fixed support for Minecraft 1.12.2 and earlier versions.
- Addition of an information message when starting the launcher.
- Removal of an unnecessary message at the end of the init subcommand.

All installation steps can be found here.

Some advice :

- Note that if you use Forge, the game will crash after loading the mods.
- It is advisable to create a Swap file. This will help you gain more memory, and since the Switch only has 4 GB, it will help you a lot. Without this, the entire system can hang during reading because all the memory is occupied, requiring a restart.
- Use OptiFine. This may be obvious, but it really helps with the rendering of FPS. OptiFine can be installed in the same way as you normally install it on other platforms.
- Launch sudo jetson_clocks before opening Minecraft. This will slightly improve overall system performance and have a small impact on Minecraft, but you need to run this command every time you restart the console.

Download: Minecraft: Java Edition v1.1 (for L4T Ubuntu)

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