nxTransmission v0.2.2 Released

nxTransmission v0.2.2 Released

nxTransmission is a port of a homebrew for the Switch console known as Transmission, a well-known and open source BitTorrent client for Windows PC, MacOS and other Unix distributions.

This 0.2.2 version of nxTransmission is based on version 2.9.4 released in May 2018, torrents can be added via the web browser or with Transdroid.


- Download and extract the archive in / switch the directory of the SD card.
- Ignore the settings.json file if you do not want to restore the default settings.

Please note, the FAT32 file system has a file size limit of 4 GB, files larger than this limit are automatically divided into a folder corresponding to the original file name and the file concatenation attribute is applied to the folder when the torrent is full. The split parameter can be forced from the settings.json file by adding the entry: "nx-split-files": true [or false].

Changelog 0.2.2:

- Corrections
- Fixed a bug for split files.
- The patch for sequential download has been attached.
- UDP trackers are not managed correctly.
- Files and folders containing special characters may not be downloaded or if they are downloaded, they cannot be opened on the Switch console.

Download: nxTransmission v0.2.2

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