Pkgj updated to v0.52

Pkgj updated to v0.52

TheRadziu updated Pkgj, the famous tool originally unveiled by Blastrock had not been updated since March 2019, that is more than 9 months ago.

As a reminder PKGj is a fork of PKGi, compared to PKGi this version queues more downloads, supports the TSV file format, DLC and PSP / PSX and PSM updates.

The freeshop which allows you to install original PKG files on your Vita without using a PC is therefore evolving again, because this v0.52 comes to fix bugs and bring some new features.

Changelog 0.52

- Added NoNpDrm check at startup.
- If the NoNpDrm plugin is not correctly loaded, the user will be notified, which should limit the problems caused by the user.
- Revision of diagnostics to correctly detect the reF00D plugin.
- Added support for 0syscall6.
- Improvement of the HTTPS error message to inform the user to use iTLS-Enso to solve problems related to HTTPS.

Bugfix :
- Removal of the proxy gate (offline) in the default comppack_url in favor of iTLS-Enso.
- Fixed 'compitibility' typos

Download: Pkgj v0.52

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