PKGJ v0.54 Released

PKGJ v0.54 Released

cuevavirus has just released version 0.54 of PKGJ, it is impressive to see that it is still possible to evolve this tool which is now part of the history of PlayStation Vita.

As a reminder PKGj is a fork of PKGi, compared to PKGi this version queues more downloads, supports TSV file format, DLC and PSP / PSX and PSM updates

Changelog 0.54:

- Errors during the refresh: Delete your configuration and uninstall ITLS-enso completely.
- PSTV: Completely uninstall AntiBlacklist / Whitelist and install DolcePolce.
- Make sure to install NoPsmDrm and the PSM runtime before playing PSM games.

What's new :

- PSM games can now be installed automatically without having to rebuild the database. (credits: SilicaAndPina)
- The PSM runtime can be installed directly in PKGJ without Henkaku DNS.
- Cover images for games. (credits: dragonfly)
- Exit the game view with the cancel button. (credits: dragonfly)
- The default URL for Compat packs has been changed and is still active.
- Improvement of HTTP error messages.
- Correction of the extraction path of PSM Unity.
- Fixed all TLS errors with default URLs.

Download: PKGJ 0.54

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