PKHeX 20.01.26

A little less than 3 weeks ago, the team behind PKHeX development updated the program to version 20.01.10 and then to 20.01.26.
The innovations introduced by the team in charge of its development are quite interesting.

Let us first remember that PKHeX which is a backup editor for Pokémon games. With it, users can manipulate various backup files, including: .sav, .dsv, .dat, .gci, .raw and.bin. PKHeX can also read and write .pk files, which are individual Pokémon files, and .pgt, .pcd, .pgf, .wc files, which are Mystery Gift files.

Changelog of this update:

 - Added: Gen8 support for saving data from the latest game patch.
 - Addition: No more manipulation for new additions.
 - Addition: Move # _PP $ suggest for the batch editor.
 - Addition: Click on the PP label to refresh the PP accounts is now possible.
 - Addition: Setting to deactivate sounds when loading backup files and legality checks (nuisance).
 - Correction: The Gen8 Mimikyu Busted form now appears in the Pokédex editor.
 - Correction: The Gen4 event constants are now read correctly.
 - Correction: The glow effect of disabled pkm slots will no longer leave the freeze effect behind.
 - Modification: The GUI translation files (winforms only) have been moved to the WinForms project (more in PKHeX.Core). Need better translations

Version 26.01.2020 addition:

01/20/26 - New update:

 - Addition: Verification of the legality of formal arguments. Alcremie, Runerigus, Yamask, Hoopa and Furfrou. Thank you @CanoeHope!
 - Addition: More static meeting places.
 - Correction: The imprint ribbon is now checked for the Gen8.
 - Correction: Slowpoke-1's hidden ability is now prohibited, and Mimikyu breeding now allows the hidden ability.
 - Modification: A small part of the internal structures of the program has been modified to improve performance.
 - Addition of a search / export / import tool for Gen8 blocks, with direct block editing.
 - Possibility to exchange a complete Fashion block, for example. Or, modify your title screen to display 6 Magikarp!
 - Ability to edit things directly! Known block objects can be selected and all of the exposed properties can be changed.
 - You can compare two backups to see which blocks / values ​​have been changed.
 - Addition: edition of the Gen5 metro partition. Thank you @egzn!
 - Addition: More flags / event constants have been documented. Thank you @FeralFalcon & @asterysx!
 - Correction: Internal API changes for more security in Threads. (People are reusing PKHeX.Core in multithreaded applications, and the Rand utility was not working properly).
 - Correction: The German translation no longer behaves badly for certain ribbons.
 - Correction: the management of form arguments is now done correctly. Will no longer be clear to Runerigus when editing.
 - Correction: The Gen7 LGPE dump of Go Park entities with invalid file names is now sanitized before saving. Thank you @ xJam-es!
 - Correction: The Pokéwalker HGSS Gen4 course unlock cheating now works as expected.
 - Modification: Reading / writing SWSH Gen8 blocks is now much more efficient.
 - Modification: The awakening values ​​of the LGPE Gen7 are now applied more liberally via Random click-control. Only an IV attack of 0 will not add a VA. Thank you slp32!
 - Change: Update of the Spanish translation. Thank you @egzn!

Download: PKHeX 20.01.26

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