PS2 Classic GUI for PS4 updated to v1.0.0.22

PS2 Classic GUI for PS4 updated to v1.0.0.22

TheDarkprogrammer has just updated its PS2 Classic GUI program for PS4, which as a reminder is a utility for PlayStation 4 users with homebrew capabilities and which allows you to create your own PS2 Classic packages.

These packages can contain PS2 games or homebrews. This utility makes the preparation and customization of packages very user-friendly since it contains a tutorial in particular, and it allows you to export to PKG directly installable on your PS4, especially from firmware 5.05.

- To come up
V1.0.0.20 - 21
- Addition of a correction for "Problem with the graphical interface of the classic PS2".
- Addition of a verification of the Jax and Daxter emu parameters to ask users if they want to reload the emu if it already exists
- Addition of a small change for the fox Jax and the emu Daxter
- Addition of some easter eggs ʘ‿ʘ
- Released as soon as Jax and Daxter has been fixed

Download: PS2 Classic GUI v1.0.0.22

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