Retroarch v1.8.3 Released with Angle support

Retroarch v1.8.3 Released with Angle support

Team LibRetro has just released a new version of RetroArch, version 1.8.3, which notably provides ANGLE support which allows OpenGL to be brought to all platforms. Given that the links here are not available, you have to be tricky to have the links of this stable version, while the Team updates the links.

It is possible to switch from Direct3D 11 to OpenGL (ANGLE) according to the needs of the core. That way, you get the best performance possible with the native Direct3D 11 driver for each core that doesn't require OpenGL, and for cores that need it, it will seamlessly switch to it. No manual configuration is necessary.

The arrival of Angle changes a lot, as well as for the Xbox One version with UWP and Windows 10.

Changelog 1.8.3

ANDROID / BUGFIX: Correction of the regression "Install or Restore Core".
BUGFIX: Basic information is always initialized when you call 'drivers_init ()'. This bug can prevent cores from doing content logging at runtime
BUGFIX / MENU: The history size can only be set to at least 1
BUGFIX / MENU: (XMB / OZONE) Corrects the detection of the 'quick menu'. XMB did not display the backup status thumbnails in the quick menu if accessed from the main menu
BUG / CRASH / CORE UPDATE CORRECTION: Correction of a potential double error
BUG / CRASH / OPENGL / WINDOWS CORRECTION: Fixed a regression in 1.8.2 which caused GL based cores to fail because it tried to load libGLESv2.dll by mistake instead of OpenGL32.dll (affected cores: VitaQuake 2 / 3 / Dhewm3, maybe more)
BUG / MENU / OFFICE UI CORRECTION: Displaying the desktop menu at startup does not launch the Qt interface under Linux
CHEEVOS: Do not deactivate completion when AddAddress generates an out-of-range address
CHEEVOS: Do not reset triggers / leaderboards that failed to load
CHEEVOS: Do not count achievements not supported as unlocked
CORE UPDATE: Displays the number of cores updated when updating the installed cores
DINGUX: Initial portage
D3D11: Block the FL9_3 devices of the D3D11 driver because they do not work anyway (the current D3D11 driver uses SM4.0 which requires FL10_0 and more)
D3D11: Fallback to the GL pilot if D3D11 fails
EMSCRIPTEN: Fixed assets
HISTORY / FAVORITES: Increase the default value to 200 entries by 100
FFMPEG CORE: Implementation of a packet buffer, correction of MP4 video playback for many files
LOCATION: Update of the Italian translation
LOCATION: Polish translation update
LOCATION: Russian translation update
LOCATION: Update of the Spanish translation
MENU: Adding the 'Accommodation' menu under the Netplay menu
MENU: Addition of the menu 'Subsystems'.
MENU / FILEBROWSER: Correction of file selection problems when starting (or browsing) from the first level directory
MENU / WIDGETS: Prevent looping of task title text
RASPBERRY PI: Fixed BGRA8888 color inversion issues in the menu and elsewhere with VideoCore GL drivers
NETPLAY / RELAY: Add the Sao Paulo relay server (Brazil)
NETPLAY / RELAY: Correction of the "spectator" bug when using the relay server - When a player goes into spectator mode (by pressing "i") when using the relay server, all players disconnect.
NETPLAY / RELAY: General stability has improved. Fixed a memory leak that caused the relay server to become numb after a while
NETPLAY / RELAY: Fixed a critical bug where all players were disconnected from the relay server if a player left the game. This bug had been open for a year and we were finally able to fix it
SWITCH / LIBNX / BUGFIX: Fixed regression of on-screen keyboard input
UWP: Added ANGLE support
UWP: Wire get_metrics to the false context of the D3D9 / 10/11/12 driver, allowing scaling and appropriate mouse / touch gestures
VITA: Re-add the online update
VULKAN: Correction of the function of the police pilot 'vulkan_get_message_width ()'.
VIDEO FILTERS: Use wires only when the number exceeds 1. Corrects racing conditions with certain CPU filters on Vita
WINDOWS: Added ANGLE support for x64, separate binary
Download :
the Switch version
the Wii U version
the PS2 version
the Vita version
the Wii version
Xbox One version

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