Retroarch v1.8.4 Released

Retroarch v1.8.4 Released

The Team LibRetro unveils v1.8.4 of RetroArch, a few days after v1.8.3, here is an already improved version of the famous multiplatform emulator.

This version is mainly corrective, it fixes a lot of bugs discovered with 1.8.3, and it improves disk control. Note that a new version of Lakka will be quickly proposed for this 1.8.4.

Changelog 1.8.4:

ANDROID / BUGFIX: Prevents a crash when the Android device is switched to miniature and you return to the application
CAMERA / BUGFIX: Fixed a crash when a core requires the camera driver and the platform only has a null driver. This would cause a mgba crash on Wii for example
DISC DRIVE: The cyclic disc tray now becomes an eject disc or an insertion disc depending on the current state of the drive
DISC CONTROL: The index of the current disc is only displayed when the current disc has been ejected
DISC CONTROL: The old Insert Disc entry has been changed to Load New Disc, and is only displayed when a disc is currently inserted (this is because loading a new disc from the file system - that is, bypassing the disk index interface of the m3u playlist - automatically ejects and inserts the disks, and therefore cannot be performed when the virtual drive is empty)
DISC CONTROL: The current disc index can now be adjusted more easily via a drop-down list.
DISC CONTROL: Selecting the Eject Disc option automatically moves the menu selection to the Index for current disc entry.
DISC CONTROL: Selecting an index via the Current Disk Index drop-down list automatically brings the menu selection back to Insert Disk
DISK CONTROL: Sub-labels of the Disk Control entry have been changed for clarity
DISC CONTROL: All horrible notification spam has been removed. Notifications are now only displayed when an error occurs, or when the menu itself does not provide sufficient visual feedback (note that using shortcut keys to swap discs still produces notifications from the old style, since this is usually only done when the content is running (i.e. without menu). The duration of disc information notifications has also been reduced to a healthier level.
DISC CONTROL: A new option Resume content after changing discs has been added under Settings> User interface. When activated (default setting), the content is automatically resumed after selecting the Insert disc or Load new disc option (when it is deactivated, the menu remains open, of course ...)
DISC / BUGFIX CONTROL: The Disc Control menu now has the correct title
DISK CONTROL / BUGFIX: Selecting a disk via the Load New Disk file browser no longer returns the user to the top level menu (he now returns correctly to the Disk control menu)
LIBNX / SWITCH: Updated libnx integration to v3.0.0. This also allows you to select the libnx commit 583d6bb92dcbb33b6bb4a0fa1a9df6e3725d6ef6, which should solve the problem of having to activate and deactivate rumble in the system settings once per reboot
PLAYLISTS: Addition of the option 'Clean playlist'.

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