ReverseNX 0.34 Released

ReverseNX 0.34 Released

masagrator has just put online a new version of ReverseNX which now goes to v0.34, it's been a while since we had not been able to take advantage of an update, since last September.

ReverseNX is a pack that will allow you to configure certain functions of the graphics card, which are not available in mobile mode, only in dock mode.

ReverseNX has been tested on firmwares under Atmosphere 0.10.1+, it also works under ReiNX but not under SX OS. The plugin, which is called SaltyNX, will make games believe that the console is docked when it does not have it.

Changelog 0.34

- New version with updated fork of SaltyNX.
- This version adds options for ReverseNX-Tool 1.34+ to check if SaltyNX has been injected correctly and which flag is in the titleid folder of the running game. So only QoL improvements.

Download: ReverseNX 0.34

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