RussellNX v1.1 Released

RussellNX v1.1

nkrapivin reveals a new tool called RussellNX which is intended for those who have a hacked Nintendo Switch, and who want to develop homebrews or games using GameMaker Studio 2 for the latest portable console from Nintendo.

All this works without the need to buy a DevKit or even sign a confidentiality agreement because the tool does not have any copyrighted files, even better it does not have GMAssetCompiler from GameMaker Studio 2.

This means that it can therefore be freely distributed, however to use it you need the GameMaker Studio 2 version.

After downloading and installing GameMaker Studio 2, run it and, in the drop-down menu on File, go down to Preferences, then install the runtimes Otherwise, the tool does not start because it requires the installation of runtimes to actually create the file.

After running RussellNX for the first time, you will be prompted to enter the keys.txt file (prod.keys file), the application creates NSP files with KeyGeneration 9, so make sure you have the _08 key set before to start the build (keys <firmware 8.1.0).

Everything else is quite simple, you select an icon, a project file for GameMaker Studio 2, the titleid, the version ...

At the end, simply click on the Build button to build the file which can be installed on the yuzu emulator or on a hacked Switch.

The software evolves quickly, in a few hours, its developer has added additional verifications and the possibility of saving more easily.

Download: RussellNX v1.1

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