Snes9xRX v4.6.0 - 1st Anniversary Edition Released

Snes9xRX v4.6.0 - 1st Anniversary Edition

Niuus reveles a new version of its Snes9xRX emulator, it updates it regularly, but the evolutions are done progressively. As a reminder, Snes9xRX is based on version 1.52 of Snes9x, so it integrates perfectly on Wii and Wii U.

After months of development, the emulator is reaching its peak, with its first anniversary edition which brings a lot of new features.

Changelog v4.6.0:

- Small cosmetic adjustments.
- Cleaning of the Retrode 2 code.
- Code cleaning for the Xbox 360 controller.
- Correction of LEDs for the various revisions of the X360 controller.
- Correction of the GCN build.

Now available with several skins / colors, choose the one you like the most:

- Cosmo Black (default)
- SNS Mini Edition (USA)
- SNS Mini Edition (EUR)
- Midnight Purple
- Aqua Blue

Download: Snes9xRX v4.6.0 - 1st Anniversary Edition

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