Swiss 0.4 r756 Released

Swiss 0.4 r756 Released

Extrems has just updated its Swiss tool, which is a multi-purpose utility for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Gamecube.

As you know, Swiss is the worthy successor of SD-boot, it allows you to launch GameCube homebrews but also backups stored on SD card or hard drive, SDGecko, WODE, Wiikey Fusion and many other solutions.

Changelog 0.4 r756:

- It's time to improve compatibility and performance.

- This version fixes some borderline cases that could not be seen with the broadband adapter (file service protocol), where most of the game tests occur.

- Although there may be regressions, there is no turning back.

Emukidid changes:

- Avoids the NKit message on the WODE inputs by setting the size of the input to DISC_SIZE

Extrems changes:

- Fixed problems with timer 2+.
- Correction of the state of the FAT disk.
- Deletion of signatures which are no longer necessary.
- Addition of signatures found in 007: All or Nothing.
- Change of identification method for GCLoader.
- Possibility to define the second disk first as a workaround for a firmware bug.
- Other minor fixes for GCLoader.
- Programming of the reading of the Refactor.
- Make our own scheduling.
- Elimination of the circumvention for the risk of racing in Luigi's Mansion.
- Removal of the patch specific to the Viewtiful Joe game (Europe).

Download: Swiss 0.4 r756

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