Swiss 0.4 r766 Released

Swiss 0.4 r766 Released

A new update from Swiss has just arrived, Extrems has just updated its multifunction tool for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Gamecube.

As you know, Swiss is the worthy successor of SD-boot, it allows you to launch GameCube homebrews but also backups stored on SD card or hard drive, SDGecko, WODE, Wiikey Fusion and many other solutions.

For this version 0.4 r766, the way the in-game reset work in the new playback patches has changed. emukidid has worked on improving file browsing speed.

Emukidid changes:

- Make fewer calls when reading banner data, standardize it with a structure
- Correction of the display of the description of the banner
- Correction of a reading / size problem when the banner is at the end of the file

Extrems changes:

- Use the EXILock callback for transmission.
- Use __OSMaskInterrupts / __ OSUnmaskInterrupts.
- Change the IGR to call OSResetSystem in an inactive thread.
- Fixed another cause of missed interruptions.
- Do not block the reset button if you are not using IGR.
- Find __OSUnhandledException and put it in our table.
- Reuse __OSInitSystemCall to install a jump table.
- Smooth things up with the broadband adapter.

Download: Swiss 0.4 r766

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