Swiss 0.4 r775 Released

emukidid and Extrems worked again on their solution known as Swiss.

Swiss is the worthy successor of SD-boot, it allows to launch GameCube homebrews but also backups stored on SD card or hard drive, SDGecko, WODE, Wiikey Fusion and many other solutions.

The All-in-one has been updated in particular to add a new type of file browser, more game-oriented, which can be activated via the general settings screen. The possibility of configuring network options within Swiss is now possible (not yet for SMEs). In addition, the default game settings should now apply to games whose configuration has never been saved before. There will be more work to do in the future to be able to define specific default options, since the current default is rather a "model settings for new games". Extrems fixed the SD initialization problems with some additional commitments in libOGC to support the changes.

Changelog emukidid:

- Put in order the last commit
- Fixed problem # 301, put some unused warnings in order
- Display bba_ip on the information screen if initialized
- Correction of the name of the GCLoader device
- New optional file browser targeted to GCM files
- Favor the entry of WIP text for certain parameters
- Fixed default game settings for new entries

Changelog Extrems:

- Adjustment for changes to libOGC.
- Added automatic speed reduction.
- Use of the EXILock with SD Gecko and IDE-EXI.

Download: Swiss 0.4 r775

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