sys-clk Editor v2 Released

sys-clk Editor v2 Released

SunTheCourier has just put online version v2 of sys-clk Editor, it is an editor to define the configuration of the sys-clk system module which allows to control the frequencies of the APU of the Nintendo Switch.

So this editor allows you to adjust, whether in overclocking or underclocking the frequencies of memory chips, GPU, CPU and all this by making profiles per application or games.

Changelog v2.0:

- The application was entirely written thanks to Cathery
- The application will now tell you when something is wrong with sys-clk when you try to launch it
- Controller inputs now behave like official Nintendo apps
- The set should be more stable
- The .elf file is only included for debugging purposes and is therefore not necessary on the SD to run the application

Download: sys-clk Editor v2

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