Sys-con v0.5.3 Released

Sys-con v0.5.3

Cathery offers us a new version of Sys-con, it is the version stamped 0.5.3.

Sys-Con is a custom Switch system module, which allows you to use third-party controllers on your Nintendo Switch console. Sys-con just needs you to connect your controllers using the USB ports on your dock, but the module also works via the USB C port with an OTG adapter.

Instructions :

- Extract the zip file and copy its content to your SD card.
- If you are not using Atmosphere, rename the atmosphere / folder with the desired CFW name.
- Restart your Nintendo console.

Changelog 0.5.3:

- Correction of the maximum and minimum stick values generated by sys-con.
This caused games like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Resident Evil 4 to crash when this level was reached.
When using the mode that swaps the left stick with the D-pad, the leverage values generated by the D-pad are now locked.
- If you have the latest version of Kosmos Toolbox, you can now manually activate / deactivate sys-con directly from the tools menu without restarting the console.

Download: Sys-con v0.5.3

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